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Domestic couples work as a multi-tasking team who will pretty much run your household or estate. Often a married couple, they will take on the roles of a chauffeur, housekeeper, cook and gardener, amongst others.

You will be expected to provide the live-in couple with suitable accommodation. Some will stay in cottages or houses on an estate, while others might have a separate apartment or studio flat within a house. While some live-in couples are solely responsible for a property, others also work alongside small teams of gardeners, nannies and other domestic staff.

Why hire Domestic Couples?

It can be a very cost-effective way of hiring staff to manage a property – by condensing the roles. They act as a small team but because of their personal relationship will support one another in their roles. You can expect to pay between £35,000 and £40,000 to each of the couple depending on their experience.

What do Domestic Couples do?

Broadly speaking, one half of a live-in couple is likely to act as your chauffeur and oversee contractors, refurbishments or renovations. On top of that they might specific skills, such as gardening or handyman experience. Meanwhile, the other half will take on more of a housekeeper/chef/cook role and perhaps childcare.

Domestic couples who work in holiday homes can be expected to help with special occasions and events. They might plan menus, do food shops, oversee budgets, prepare and serve the food. This is particularly common when families have lots of guests to stay – for example in a shooting lodge or European villa. However we have clients hiring domestic couples who live in a range of properties, from country estates to London townhouses and a variety of homes abroad.

If you travel frequently or have more than one property, hiring a couple to keep everything in check and safe is highly valuable. They can even travel between properties on rotation acting as house sitters and security. Plus, when you return from business trips or holidays your employees will have the house ready and welcoming for you. Not to mention, they will look after pets both while you’re travelling and when you’re at home.

What skills do they need?

As with so many household jobs, discretion is paramount. It is important to find a couple who you trust and who will fit in with your family requirements. Ultimately they need the right experience to take on the roles efficiently and confidently. Once you find the right couple, they tend to stay in the role for a long time. Domestic couples will usually worked in private households previously. They will be well- presented, with excellent/native English and can be flexible with the hours.
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