Chauffeur Job Description

Private Chauffeur Jobs nowadays involve a lot more than just driving. Working very closely for a family or individual requires the utmost discretion. Not to mention a positive attitude. Personality counts when it comes to Chauffeur jobs. You need to be emotionally intelligent, upbeat and charming. You need to be able to read situations intuitively and know what approach to take with your employer – do they want conversation or silence, for example. Your job is to make the driving experience completely seamless and stress-free – even on London’s congested roads.

Personal Chauffeurs’s duties and responsibilities

It is likely that you will be working for clients who are CEOs of a FTSE 100 company, top bankers, HNWIs, entrepreneurs, rock stars or celebrities and royal families. The standard will need to be high. Expectations will be high. Chauffeurs will typically be working Monday to Friday and the occasional weekends, hours will differ and can involve early starts and/or late finishes. You will need to be flexible.

One day you might be driving your employer to a red carpet awards event like the BAFTAS, the next to polo at Smith’s Lawn, opera at Glyndebourne, racing at Goodwood or to top London restaurants. But in between all the glamour you might be tasked with driving children to school and clubs and family members to appointments.

While a private Chauffeur’s job will be first and foremost driving, they will also often fill in the day with other tasks. These might include collecting the weekly shop or undertaking household maintenance.

Clients expect their drivers to take pride in their work and keep the car – or fleet of cars – impeccable at all times. It will be down to you to make sure the car is serviced, has its MOT and is generally maintained to five-star standards. That also applies for yourself – you will need to be immaculately presented at all times.

You might be working alongside other members of household staff, such as a Close Protection Officers or Housekeepers. Although some Chauffeur jobs do double up as security as well.

What experience do Private Chauffeurs need?

It goes without saying that excellent driving experience is key. You will hold the safety of your boss and their family in your hands. We look for Chauffeurs who have trained in advanced driving skills and who might also have specialist experience in risk assessment, security or logistics. However others might have learnt on the job, having come from a private hire, chauffeur company or other job in the car industry.

Skills a Chauffeur should have

Aside from being a people person, you will need to be exceptionally discreet. You might be privy to confidential information, news stories before they are published or private family matters (rows). So some employers require their driver to sign an NDA.

Knowing how to build relationships is also important. Some clients prefer to keep the role on a purely professional and business basis, whereas others have more casual relationships, which sees Chauffeurs staying with the same employer for 10 years or more. They will see children growing up and be almost a part of the family. This is why personality is key.

Perks of the job

Chauffeurs can earn between £40,000 and £70,000 a year and may be provided with a car that they take home or use outside of working hours. In some households they may also join staff for chef cooked meals.
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