Who Needs a Housekeeper?

Are you thinking about hiring a Housekeeper but wondering if you need one, or how they differ from cleaners, then read on…

Ultimately, having a Housekeeper will free you up to focus on what is important. This will be different for everyone – whether you have a busy family, work or social life. Every household will have different requirements and these can be discussed during the interview. You decide what you jobs you need doing and we help you find someone who will fit into your lifestyle.

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It is important to note that if you want 24/7 cover then you need to hire weekend staff. Looking after your Housekeeper, paying them generously and realising their value is vital. If you underpay and overwork your Housekeeper they will quite simply leave!

Knightsbridge Household Staff been successfully matching the highest calibre of Housekeepers with high profile individuals and HNW families for over 20 years. We understand that recruiting staff for your home is very personal, so we invest time in getting to know our clients and candidates in order to achieve the right fit. In doing so we’ve learnt which families or individuals get the most benefit from having a Housekeeper.

Reasons to hire a housekeeper

  • You work long hours

There is nothing better than coming home to an immaculate house. A good Housekeeper will ensure your home is clean, laundry and ironing is done, fridge full, they will even do the cooking and run errands that you don’t have time for, like picking up dry cleaning.

  • Busy families

Whether you work or not, looking after a family takes a huge amount of time and energy. Housekeepers will take some of the pressure off when it comes to looking after children, getting the house ready for guests and preparations for entertaining. Housekeepers will do everything needed to help your household run smoothly – from childcare to grocery shopping.

  • New baby

Having a Housekeeper frees you up to concentrate on the new arrival without worrying about the house. An extra pair of hands, your Housekeeper will look after all the domestic responsibilities, including the endless washing and making sure your fridge/freezer is well stocked.

  • You travel frequently

When you travel a lot, a Housekeeper will make sure you come home to a clean, aired, fully-prepared house with food and milk in the fridge. They will ensure the heating is on in the winter and you come back to hot water. Housekeepers might also look after gardens or patios, keep pathways clean and water flowers.

  • For extra security

If you are often away, a Housekeeper can keep an eye on the house. Whether they are live in or out, they can check on the house regularly and liaise with security alarm companies to make sure your house is safe.

  • To clean

Typically Housekeepers will ensure the house is always clean, neat, tidy and welcoming. However, they will often do more than that as well, including the laundry, polishing brass and silver, antiques and fine furniture.

If you are looking to hire a live in or live out Housekeeper, please contact one of our consultants to find the perfect fit.

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