Why Hire a Private PA

A Private PA will work for a Family Office, HNWI, VIP or Celebrity supporting a principal and their family. Our clients are people who use a Private PA to deal with day-to-day administration so that they can focus on their business or other important aspects of life that they wouldn’t otherwise have time for. Because of this, a Private PA becomes an extremely valuable member of staff who adapts seamlessly to family life.

Many Private PAs will expect to work from your home, along with other members of household staff; Nannies, Butlers, Housekeeper or Chauffeurs for example. This ensures the house is managed to extremely high standards. Alternatively a Private PA may work from your family office, overseeing more administrative tasks and possibly a team of office staff.

What does a Private PA do?

Generally the role of a Private PA encompasses all the day-to-day support involved in the smooth running of your home and/or office life. They will do anything from organising high-level events and house renovations to securing places in the world’s most elite private schools. One day they might be buying art from Sotheby’s or Christie’s the next hiring household staff.

Private PAs are extremely clever, brilliant with budgets and shrewd at negotiating. They will deal with bills and invoices, ensuring you get the best service and value for money. This is whether they are getting your car serviced or planning a grand party in an exotic location.

Our candidates are extremely versatile, aware that it can be a fast-paced environment, running the lives of busy individuals and your family. They are adept at managing complex and ever-changing diaries, which often require last-minute changes. A Private PA will also be skilled at organising global travel and booking various events or restaurants for the family.

Your PA might also fly to your destination in advance to book restaurants and plan itineraries. Plus it will often fall on them to make provisions for other members of household staff travelling such as Close Protection Officers or Tutors. As such, Private PAs will often be top graduates with strong business acumen, outstanding communication skills, expert time management and strategic planning ability.

As a Private PA they will have exceptional knowledge of the restaurant/culture/fashion/beauty scene to ensure that they offer the best services possible. They will secure reservations at the most desirable restaurant of the moment, when others can’t. They will get tickets to sold-out shows or find that out of stock Hermés bag.

Your Private PA will have a Little Black Book of contacts unlike any other, getting you access to the most exclusive events and lifestyle. They will learn everything about you and your family – likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests and use initiative to be one step ahead at all times.

Key Skills

We look for people who are born organisers with excellent time management and multi-tasking skills. Moreover they need the ability to troubleshoot while staying calm and focussed. The ideal candidate will be polished, resilient and a self-starter. They will be someone with bags of initiative who loves total immersion in their role.

Reliability, flexibility and total discretion are all essential qualities. It is also vital that your PA is intuitive and empathetic. They will be living in your house, working closely with you but retaining a professional relationship. Respecting your space is important.

Private PAs often have a high level of autonomy so need to be highly educated and able to spin lots of plates. Above all a Private PA needs to have an exceptional work ethic and positive attitude. They will get on well with the rest of your staff and always take on a task with a smile.

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