HNW Individuals and Families Want Private and Household Staff who are Experts!

Knightsbridge Household Staff has seen a seismic shift in our high end clients’ wish list when recruiting private and household staff.  They are happy to pay industry leading salaries for staff who are experts and specialists in their field, who are able to provide a world class, very personal service.

We have seen a significant migration of top level, high quality candidates leaving behind the professional world and seeking instead, private roles where they can offer their expertise to HNWIs, VIPS, entrepreneurs and Private Offices seeking the very best of the best. Providing an increasingly bespoke but above all very personalised service to their bosses, is not only more lucrative but often provides a more rewarding and enjoyable working environment. Happy to leave behind the hard grind and responsibility of running their own businesses, working all hours, they have opted instead to work privately. 

Candidates who have turned their backs on the hospitality world, are now keen to explore jobs in private households and private offices  and are increasingly turning to experienced, well respected agencies like Knightsbridge Household Staff for their next job.   

We have seen very high quality staff offering the following expertise:

  • House Managers/Butlers who previously worked in leading Hotels overseeing FOH/ Running housekeeping departments
  • Private PAs who have worked for CEO’s/ Directors, now keen to transfer their organisational and communication skills to running private families/households
  • Housekeepers leaving yachts and seeking land-based permanent roles rather than seasonal or contract positions
  • Private Chefs from London’s best restaurants opting to work for Families seeking a bespoke service/specialist diets, travelling around the world with their bosses
  • Private Tutors/Bilingual Nannies – teachers leaving private schools to support VIP families with entrance exams and specific educational requirements
  • Governess - ex Nursery Teachers
  • Personal Trainers for families and children wanting specialist training – sports teachers, gym personal trainers and athletes
  • Stylists/Personal Shoppers from designer boutiques using their contacts to help clients with wardrobe planning and new collections/fashion shows
  • Landscape/Designer Gardens – Leaving companies to provide a one-on-one service to clients
  • Private Chauffeurs/Security Officers – ex military turning to private arena

Since Brexit and Covid, so much administration has become harder and more time consuming.  Whether you need a new school for your child, a chalet  in Gstaad, a last minute private jet or the latest Hermes Birkin bag …….Knightsbridge Household Staff provides the best private staff available anywhere to ensure your life runs smoothly.

Now the go-to is not how many domestic staff you have running your house or estate …………. It’s the skills and talent that your staff offer that is the great differentiator.

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Knightsbridge Household Staff is part of the renowned Knightsbridge Recruitment Group. It has provided the highest calibre of household staff for HNWIs, VIPs, Celebrities, Professionals and their Families in London, UK and overseas for over 20 years. Contact us to begin your search for Butlers, Chefs, Chauffeurs, Private PAs, Nannies Domestic Couples and Housekeepers.

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