Private Chef – Job Description

Private Chefs have become an increasingly popular member of household staff in recent years. You will need to be a fully-qualified chef to work in a private role. Usually you will need between two and five year’s experience in a kitchen. However, working in a household is very different to being in a commercial kitchen. As a Private Chef, you will be more involved in family life. You will need to build up a good relationship with your Principal. You will be expected to know them and their tastes extremely well.

What skills does a Private Chef need?

Most Private Chefs have to be team players. They should be able to work well in fully-staffed private households and develop good relationships with other employees. Others may be required to work alone, so able to take their own initiative. All Private Chefs need to have a passion for their profession and an ability to be creative and flexible. Whether that means healthy family cooking, Michelin-star quality dinner parties or catering for large numbers.

Private Chefs should have the confidence and organisation to run their own kitchen. They should be able to plan and create first-class modern or classic cuisine. On top of this, they will need to keep calm when things are stressful. Attention to detail is also crucial, as is an awareness of food allergies and intolerances with anyone they are serving. Knowledge of food safety and hygiene is necessary.

What will they do?

You will work with your employer or other members of the household (such as Housekeepers and Nannies) to plan the meals for all of the family. Private Chefs who work alone may be responsible for kitchen budgets and accounts. In this situation they would take on all the food shopping, menu planning, preparation and cooking.

While you will sometimes be required to pull out all the stops, a Private Chef is also about creating nutritious and accessible everyday meals. It is important to be aware of new food trends. You may also be required to continue your training while you’re working.

Job roles for a Private Chef may extend to assisting with party menu planning, or providing cooking lessons and demonstrations. Some may also be required to organise special events – including furniture or decorations needed . You will need to be able to cater for specific personal preferences. This means catering for specific dietary requirements such as: low calorie, Kosher, Halal, vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, diabetic, gluten and dairy free.

Some households will hire a Private Chef for a temporary period of time – perhaps on holiday or while visiting a particular residence. This may require more high-quality cuisine, particularly if the principal is entertaining guests or holding business events for example. Equally you may be required to travel between properties.

What hours do Private Chefs work?

Most Private Chefs will work four, five or six days per week. Generally a Private Chef will work 8-12 hours per day. They may also work on a rota basis with other Private Chefs. Often chefs will do a split shift or regular hours with additional longer hours by arrangement.
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