THE MULTI-TALENTED HOUSEKEEPER – Earning £40k to £65k per annum

Housekeepers are the beating heart of many homes in London and the UK and are often long- standing, loyal and a treasured member of a family’s staff.

A traditional housekeeper is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness, organisation and general upkeep of a household.  Duties and responsibilities typically include cleaning, tidying and laundry.

However, with salaries for housekeepers ranging from £40k to £65k per annum, the role is constantly evolving and definitely not set in stone.  Today, many housekeepers have grasped the challenge of expanding the standard housekeeper role and are totally dedicated to make sure that every aspect of their boss’ personal life is taken care of. For clients, trust and total discretion are qualities that are top of their list when recruiting housekeepers, but all jobs are different, and now housekeeper roles often include some of the following very varied duties:


Looking after the family’s children when the parents are overseas, even helping with homework. One family’s housekeeper researched a property project for an A’ Level student.
Some housekeepers have defence training organised by their family.


While it’s not unusual for housekeepers to look after their family’s dogs and cats, sometimes they look after exotic pets such as snakes, birds and reptiles. One family’s housekeeper accompanied the dogs by private plane so they could go on holiday with their family.
Another family had a ‘Doggie Nanny’ who was employed 5 days a week specifically to look after their beloved pooches.


Preparing and cooking delicious, healthy meals for the family and their guests. Not necessarily straight forward, as on occasion this has meant housekeepers have had to deal with allergies as well as very specific dietary requirements.


A housekeeper may travel in advance of their family to ensure their home whether in the countryside or overseas, is fully set-up and ready for their arrival. The housekeeper may also pack or unpack for their boss and family.


A housekeeper often helps with a family’s social events including dinner parties and weddings. They may even help with seating plans such is their knowledge of their family and their friends.


Managing schedules, appointments and travel arrangements.


Researching new collections and designers, booking appointments and even attending designer fashion shows


Organising and cataloguing an extensive wine collection.


Ensuring its proper care, cataloguing the collection and shipping paintings to the family’s homes overseas.


Helping with home renovation projects including painting and decorating.


Looking after a greenhouse to ensure there are always flowers in the house and growing vegetables for the family.


Helping with meal planning and exercise routines.


Providing yoga and meditation instruction and beautician services.


Expert care of very expensive and precious jewellery, designer clothes and accessories. Some housekeepers are expected to keep an accurate ‘wardrobe’ of all clothes and accessories on an iPad with photographs, dates and occasion when worn for ease of selection.


Often housekeepers live in look after the house when a family is away.
Knightsbridge Household Staff’s housekeepers are of the highest quality available anywhere.
Many are very happy with the traditional housekeeper role but equally many enjoy the variety and responsibility of a more diverse housekeeper role.

Knightsbridge Household Staff’s HOT TIP

Housekeepers know their worth.  It’s a competitive market and clients who offer good hours and pay generously will always be the winners.  It’s a small world and housekeepers will turn down jobs if the salary and conditions are poor and the household has a reputation for poor staff retention.
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