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Housekeeper jobs vary depending on the size of the home. From ensuring the smooth running of the house, to specialist cleaning, managing other members of domestic staff, to looking after pets, it is important that Housekeepers are efficient, flexible and have a keen eye for detail. 


What Do Housekeepers Do?

Day-to-day responsibilities for Housekeepers will be unique to each home but for guidance might include:

  • Cleaning
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Wardrobe management and care of fine clothes
  • Making beds
  • General tidying and decluttering
  • Food/store cupboard shopping
  • Ensuring cleaning products are well stocked
  • Running errands, such as posting letters
  • Looking after pets, taking them for walks
  • Cooking and preparing meals
  • Overseeing other members of the household
  • Childcare
  • Specialist cleaning of antiques and furniture
  • Petty cash & budgeting
  • Driving
  • Helping with entertaining 
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How are Housekeepers different to cleaners?

Housekeepers are also more highly-skilled and have bigger responsibilities than a cleaner, as well as more autonomy over the job. Management may come into the job, as well as dealing with budgets, purchasing items for the household and looking after the property in the absence of the Principal(s).

Live-in Housekeepers

Some Housekeepers live in accommodation on site, particularly if their employer travels a lot and the property is often empty. Then the Housekeeper’s job is to manage the home, keep it safe and secure and prepare it for their employer's return. This might involve ensuring the beds are aired, cupboards and fridges stocked, flowers arranged, pets happy and the heating is on. When Housekeepers live-in they will be provided with a separate cottage, flat or living quarters on the estate or in the property.

We also often recruit for Domestic Couples jobs, where both members of the partnership would work for the household and live-in or near to the property, looking after it when the homeowners travel or live abroad for part of the year. One might act as the Private Chauffeur or Gardener, while the other the Housekeeper.

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You do not generally need higher education to become a Housekeeper in the UK. Either candidates gain experience through previous roles, where they might have worked as a cleaner under a Housekeeper, or in a position with transferable skills, such as in retail or hospitality.

However, there are college courses you can take to further your knowledge and skillsets, such as:

• Level 2 Certificate in Hospitality and Catering Principles (Housekeeping)

• Level 2 Certificate in Hospitality Industry Skills (Housekeeping)

• Level 3 Award in Hospitality Supervision and Leadership Principles

Equally, an apprenticeship in a similar role would be helpful when it comes to applying for Housekeeper jobs.

Some jobs will require you to have a valid UK driving licence.



Skills are more important than qualifications when it comes to finding Housekeeper jobs, it is a very personal role and as such you will need to:

  • Be trustworthy, reliable, loyal and discreet
  • Have good time management skills and be flexible
  • Be able to use common sense and make decisions autonomously
  • Take care and pride in your work
  • Pay keen attention to detail
  • Follow instructions accurately
  • Be confident
  • Be polite and courteous 
Housekeeper jobs London

How much do Housekeepers Earn?

Housekeepers starting salary

£35,000 – £45,000

Salaries for experienced Housekeepers

£40,000 - £60,000+

Housekeeper salaries vary depending on the scope of the work, size of the household and hours.

Working hours

Housekeepers might work full or part-time, during the week only or some weekends too.  Some Housekeepers might work five or six days a week for part of the year and have long periods of time off, while their employer is travelling or if they live abroad. It is vital to be flexible when looking for Housekeeper jobs. 


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